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Secondary Fuel Filter Installation Basics

Anyone with a basic understanding of car engines and can install Diesel Dog’s fuel filters. Our Diesel Dog kit already comes with a filter unit, a ...
  • Sid Samuel

What Your 4WD Engine Needs To Conquer The Great Outdoors

Four-wheel drive diesel vehicles are the transport of choice for today’s tradie, business owner, tourer, parent and the weekend warrior. They provi...
  • Sid Samuel

Up & Running: Prolonging The Life Of Your Trusty Hilux

The seemingly unbreakable Hilux is a trusty steed indeed. But, like anything you want to last, a good maintenance schedule is crucial for long, tr...
  • Sid Samuel

Enhance a 4WD's Performance By Using Filtration Devices

There are many factors to consider when maintaining the performance of your 4WD. Reading the owner’s manual is a good way to be informed on what yo...
  • Sid Samuel