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Welcome To Diesel Dog
Leading Supplier of Diesel Fuel Filters for 4WDs and Light Commercials

Diesel Dog is a product range of Filtermax, one of Australia’s leading suppliers of filters for heavy-duty equipment. The Diesel Dog fuel filter kit has everything you need to provide the best protection for your engine. Recognising the issues associated with common rail fuel injection systems and the need for premium diesel filtration products for 4WDs and light commercials, Diesel Dog was born.

Diesel Dog AustraliaWhy the need for heavy duty filtration?

With a history of 4WDriving spanning over two decades, the team at Diesel Dog know a thing or two about filtration.  From the high country to the deserts, heavy duty filtration is critical and the Diesel Dog range has proved itself without exception.

With contamination and injector failure all too common on modern diesel engines, extra protection is critical for reliable fuel injection systems. Did you know that repair bills can be upward of $20,000 for injectors and pumps and is not covered by new car warranties?

Water is the main cause of failure and no matter how careful we are, water will get in. It’s just the amount that varies. Be it water seepage into storage tanks or condensation build up from the hot/cold climate of Australia, water will be there.

With the ultra-low sulfur diesel that we have today, water is emulsifying or suspending in the diesel,
not separating like it once did. Standard factory fuel filters simply do not offer the protection and
water stripping ability that is needed to maintain fuel quality.

Our range of fuel filters for sale are designed and tested specifically to remove water and particles, Diesel Dog fuel filter kits are the heavy-duty protection your common rail diesel 4WD needs.



Ford Ranger 3.2L - DieselDog Fuel Filter Install Video


More than ever before, extra protection is crucial to avoid costly injector and fuel pump damage and downtime. Specially designed to remove water and particle matter from fuel, Diesel Dog fuel filter kits consist of primary and secondary fuel filters available in various lengths and micron levels to suit a wide range of different makes and models.

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