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Up & Running: Prolonging The Life Of Your Trusty Hilux


Prolonging the life of your vehicle

The seemingly unbreakable Hilux is a trusty steed indeed. But, like anything you want to last, a good maintenance schedule is crucial for long, trouble-free motoring. Apart from your brakes and engine, you should also look at maintaining your Hilux’s oil and other fluids.

Keep your fluids topped up

From your engine oil, coolant, power steering fluid, brake fluid to your windshield washer fluid, regularly monitor all your fluid levels and keep them topped up. Where practical its best to keep the fuel tank full as this helps reduce the chance of the fuel system developing moisture problems.

Change your coolant/antifreeze every two years

The coolant/antifreeze plays an important role in keeping your car’s engine from overheating or freezing. This fluid raises the boiling point and lowers the freezing point of the liquid in the engine, keeping your engine cooler under scorching heat and reducing the amount of heat loss caused by wind chill. Changing your coolant/antifreeze at least every two years reduces risks of cracked radiators and engine blocks.

Wheel align & rotate your tyres

To get the maximum mileage out of your tyres, it's best to get them aligned. Most reputable workshops will get one done when you do any upgrades to suspension or wheels and tyres, but still, it pays to check if yours has had one recently. Then every time you service your vehicle, ensure you rotate the tyres, from back to front, and left to right.

Invest in additional filters

Diesel Dog’s fuel filter kits for the Hilux, support factory fuel filters in preventing contaminants such as dirt, water and rust from entering or developing and damaging your car’s engine. Available in two configurations. (Diesel dog recommends it as a secondary filter) Our pre-filter kit has good water-stripping abilities and strains large particles of dirt, protecting both your engine and your factory filter. Our final filter works as a second line of defence, filtering tiny abrasives and water that get through your factory filter. These kits can be easily installed if you are handy with the tools, or take it to your local workshop.

A little preventive maintenance goes a long way. Use it to prolong the life and get maximum resale value when it comes time to sell or trade-in.

Contact us today for fuel filter kits that work as hard as your 4WD.

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  • Sid Samuel