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Enhance a 4WD's Performance By Using Filtration Devices


There are many factors to consider when maintaining the performance of your 4WD. Reading the owner’s manual is a good way to be informed on what you need to do. There are different systems in a 4WD that need regular maintenance. Brakes, exhaust, emission and engine cooling are some systems that need to be regulated. Don’t forget that lighting, wipers, wheels and transmission should also be regularly checked.

To help you sustain your 4WD’s superior condition, Diesel Dog offers fuel filter kits that enhance your 4WD’s fuel filtration system. Improving a fuel filtration system can positively affect the other systems and parts of a vehicle.

Fuel System

Your 4WD’s fuel system functions with the engine control system to deliver the lowest possible emissions. If ever you notice that your exhaust is emitting white smoke, your fuel system may be burning oil instead of fuel. This may be due to an oil contamination in your fuel system.

One way to avoid this is to improve the efficiency of the 4WD’s primary fuel filtration system by installing a secondary fuel filter. The secondary fuel filter makes fuel undergo a final filtering process that eliminates water and other contaminants that remain from the primary filtration process.

Filters & Fluids  

Other than the fuel filter, you will have to check the other filtration systems to ensure maximum vehicle performance. Your 4WD’s filters are crucial to the longevity of your 4WD and your comfort. Air filters can trap dirt particles to avoid damage to the engine’s cylinders, walls and pistons. Cabin filters trap bacteria and dust that harm a 4WD’s ventilation system.

Diesel Dog provides service kits that contain air, fuel and oil filters that provide the highest level of protection allowing you to maintain your 4WD's optimal performance. If you have questions about our products, call 1800 672 844

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  • Sid Samuel