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Maintaining Fuel Quality By Using Fuel Filter Kits


Diesel Dog is a leading supplier of filters for 4WD vehicles. We offer our premium products to four-wheel drive enthusiasts and anyone looking to improve the filtration protection of their vehicles. Diesel Dog’s fuel filter and service kit products are made for the current generation of four-wheel drive and light commercial vehicles, fitted with common rail fuel injection systems.

These systems function at tremendously high pressure and very close tolerances. However, modern fuel systems alone do not offer optimised protection and water stripping ability. The addition of a final fuel filter can further protect your fuel system and ensure the fuel quality required.

Prevention is better than cure

Additional protection is crucial to prevent expensive injector and fuel pump damage. A high-class final fuel filter is essential for allowing optimal performance in a vehicle’s engine. It prevents debris from getting into the engine and damaging its internal components. It also guarantees that the fuel delivery system supplies the optimal level of fuel quality.

Counter Fuel Contamination

Fuel contamination is possible when a few drops of water mix with diesel fuel. A standard fuel system can counter this impurity. Nevertheless, optimal fuel quality is not achieved by standard filters alone. The final fuel filter ensures that the fuel that powers your vehicle is consistently free from contaminants

Heavy-Duty Fuel Filter Kits

Diesel Dog promotes maintaining diesel fuel quality. Whether it is a vehicle-specific kit, as used in a Ford Ranger or a universal fuel kit, our diesel fuel filter kits include a two or five-micron fuel filter unit, vehicle-specific mounting brackets, all fuel hoses, clamps and nuts and bolts required. Moreover, it also includes user-friendly instructions with coloured illustrations that simplify the installation process.

By using a Diesel Dog fuel filter kit, you can maintain the fuel quality of your four-wheel drive. If you have any questions or concerns about our products, contact us.

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  • Sid Samuel