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Signs You May Need To Replace Your Fuel Filter


Your fuel filter protects your engine by removing contaminants that may damage your fuel injector system. It is one of the components that keeps your car running smoothly and efficiently so that you can keep driving with no issues.

Your car engine will come with a factory fuel filter, but we recommend that you install a secondary fuel filter to add a new layer of protection to your engine. Our diesel fuel filter kits are easy to install, and we have a variety of filters that are compatible with different types of 4WD vehicles.

A final fuel filter can help reduce maintenance costs and greatly reduces the chance of contaminants or water reaching your engine and injectors. However, even with a second fuel filter in place, you will still need to change both fuel filters at regular intervals. We recommend that you change your final filter when you change our factory filter.

So what are the signs that you may need to replace your fuel filters?

A Shaky Engine While Idle

A clogged and dirty fuel filter affects the flow of your fuel. This leads to a fuel distribution problem, which affects the performance of your engine. One of the first signs that you may have a clogged fuel filter is when your engine shakes and sputters while idle.

This happens when you slow down or stop to wait at a traffic light — your engine will shake and jerk while you are waiting, and may even die on you.

Difficulties While Starting

If your fuel filter is only partially blocked, you are likely to have trouble while starting your car. If you repeatedly have to start the engine, but it keeps shutting off, there is a high probability that you need to replace your filter.

Of course, there could be other reasons as to why a car has difficulty starting — you will have to ask the opinion of a qualified car mechanic to determine what the actual problem is.

Engine Struggles When Changing Speeds

Problems with your filter will also affect how your engine adapts to different speeds. It is possible that you will encounter no problems while travelling at higher speeds, only to feel your engine shake and jerk if you shift to a lower speed.

If your engine struggles at low speeds, you may need to replace your fuel filters to resolve the issue.

Fuel Filter Engine Warning light

Most vehicles are fitted with a fuel filter warning light. This will come on when the flow is too restricted or there is water in the fuel filter. If this comes on, you should immediately stop the engine and drain the filters of water. Both the factory fuel filter, and the Diesel Dog secondary filter have drain cocks on the bottom. If you are touring, it will be ok to keep driving, as the warning was on the factory filter, fuel still has to come through the secondary filter before reaching the engine.

At the first available opportunity, both filters should be replaced.

Diesel Dog provides a range of fuel filter kits ideal for 4WD and light commercials. For any questions about our products, contact us today. 

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