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What Your 4WD Engine Needs To Conquer The Great Outdoors


Four-wheel drive diesel vehicles are the transport of choice for today’s tradie, business owner, tourer, parent and the weekend warrior. They provide safety, versatility and practicability not found in anything else. From on the job site to dropping the kids off at school to getting a load of firewood on the weekend, it’s the humble ute which is the vehicle of choice. It’s not surprising then, that three of the top 10 cars sold in Australia in 2016 were common rail diesel 4WD’s.

Like anything that you want to last the distance however, proper maintenance is key to longevity and reliability. Filtermax has been in the industry for more than two decades – we know exactly what your engine needs for heavy-duty protection.

The importance of preventative measures

Technology and innovation have completely changed the way cars work. The diesel engines of modern four-wheel drives are fitted with advanced fuel injection systems that operate at extremely high pressure, giving them greatly improved power and performance over the old diesel models. These modern systems, however, are vulnerable to fuel contamination.

Poor-quality fuel is one of the biggest culprits for engine failures. Contaminated fuel has a huge impact on an engine’s performance, whether it’s from water droplets or fallen debris. Repairing damages can cost a fortune, depending on the severity. Encountering engine problems while on the road is also a massive inconvenience, leaving you stranded in the middle of nowhere.

The Solution

To keep an engine clean and efficient, what you need is a line of defence that prevents water and other particles in your fuel from entering the engine. Filtermax is a dependable supplier of Diesel Dog 4WD filter kits that are designed to protect your vehicle’s engine. They strip water off and maintain excellent fuel quality. Our filter kits come with two or five-micron fuel filter units, mounting brackets, clamps, hoses, nuts and bolts.

Diesel Dog was born from the need for premium diesel filtration products for both 4x4s and light commercial vehicles. Optimise your vehicle’s performance by calling us on 1800 672 844

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  • Sid Samuel