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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions with the answers you need.



  • Why do I need an additional filter?

    Current generation diesel engines are fitted with common rail fuel injection systems. These engines offer huge improvements in power and economy compared to diesels of 20 years ago. To achieve this performance, common rail injection systems run at extremely high pressure and very close tolerances.

    More than ever before, extra protection is critical to avoid costly injector and fuel pump damage & downtime. Standard factory filters simply do not offer the protection and water stripping ability that is needed to ensure the fuel quality needed.

  • Can I fit this additional filter myself?

    Yes! The Diesel Dog kit comes complete with filter unit, vehicle specific stainless steel mounting bracket and all fuel hose, clamps and hardware required to install. Detailed fitting instructions with colour pictures make it very straight forward to fit.
  • Does this filter go before or after the factory filter?

    The Diesel Dog kit is set up after the factory filter as a final filter.
  • How often do I change the final filter?

    We recommend simply changing every time the factory fuel filter is changed.
  • Do these fit with duel batteries?

    Yes. On most applications it has been designed to fit with duel batteries. If in doubt, please check installation pictures.
  • Will this restrict the fuel flow?

    No. The filter unit is designed to support sufficient fuel flow for engines rated up to 260 kilowatt.
  • Will it affect fuel consumption or performance?

    No. Installed correctly an additional filter will not alter fuel consumption or performance.